The Most Relaxing Song of All Time (According to Science)

In late 2011, UK musicial trio “Marconi Union” produced a revolutionary song in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Titled “Weightless” the track is hailed as “the most soporific song ever created.” Eight minutes long, the song is an amalgamation of guitar plucks, ambient sounds, bells, tones, and intervals generated in a manner designed to be unpredictable to the human brain.

While this may seem insignificant, Weightless is arguably the only song that possesses this unique feature, with John Cage’s “4’33” being the only possible exception (and that’s definitely debatable). By being unpredictable, the brain is tricked into accepting the sounds as they come, allowing the listener to fall into a deep state of calm.

Weightless also utilizes the fascinating emerging field biomusicology to entwine the listener into a state of Entrainment, which is a uniquely human feature where our biorthyms sync with an external sound through a process called Beat Induction. Think about when you tap your toes to a song; humans are the only known species in the world who’ve demonstrated this capability (and apparently Science spends a lot of money on these things). By using a kickdrum at a consistently mellow 70 bpm which then further slows to 60 bpm over the course of the 8-minute long song, Weightless is able to bring the listener’s heartbeat to 35% its usual pace and reduce anxiety by 65% (according to Science). Enjoi.

TL;DR Science and sound are overlapping in a fantastically brilliant manner, and Weightless is just the beginning. I can only look forward with glee to what the future is going to sound like.

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